Maintenance & Service Charges

The Lawrence Housing Authority has an obligation to keep your apartment safe and in good repair.

The LHA prioritizes work order based on urgency and will schedule the work promptly. It is imperative for the residents and the LHA to work together for your safety.  

In the event you need any type of repair in your unit, please call 978-689-0281. 

Our office is open Mon-Fri, 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM. After hours, our call center will dispatch our on-call maintenance staff for emergency calls only. 

The LHA will conduct inspections annually and repair any normal wear and tear; however, any damages done to your unit due to deliberate actions or negligence will generate a charge for the repair.  

Emergency Requests

The following will determine emergencies that should be attended within 24 hours or immediately.


Gas smell

Gas leak

Leak under bathroom sink

Blocked kitchen sink

Bad leak under kitchen sink

Blocked toilet

Lock outs

Door or window lock failure

Other problem with toilet that interferes with it use

Block stack

Major leakage from pipes or boilers

No hot water

Smoke detectors (missing and/or not working CO Detector)

Elevator stuck (person inside)

Snow or ice storm

Dangerous structural conditions

No electricity entire apartment / power failure

No heat

Electrical hazards, sparking outlets

Broken water or unsafe water

Sewer or toilet blockage

Roof leak

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